The Transition and Santa Fe Forward

On Election Night, I made a pledge to be a Mayor for one Santa Fe. This was always about moving Santa Fe Forward together. This was about erasing the lines that separate old and new, North and South, one camp versus another, and instead showing that in Santa Fe we are ONE FAMILY that is Read more…

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This website is a way for Santa Fe residents to keep the conversation going and get involved.  You can submit an idea or concern and keep in touch with me about how you’d like to see our city move forward.  Please go to our Contact Page to make a submission or email  I encourage your involvement and I look forward to hearing from you and leading this great city.

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Thank you Santa Fe!

Javier Gonzales was elected mayor of Santa Fe on Tuesday night with a resounding victory in all 4 City Council Districts. Early Voting reached a historic high and turnout was up.  Thanks to everyone that voted and volunteered. The work is just beginning to move Santa Fe forward. Join us on Monday for the inauguration Read more…

20 Santa Fe Community College Students Early Vote for Javier Gonzales for Santa Fe Mayor

A cool campaign moment! Today Javier received a call to meet 20 Santa Fe Community College Students who early voted for Javier. Students want a PATHWAY UP and not a pathway out of Santa Fe, and that’s why they support Javier Gonzales for Santa Fe Mayor. Successful Students = A Successful Santa Fe! Javier has been Read more…

Founder of Living Wage Network Endorses Javier Gonzales for Mayor

David Thompson, one of the founders of the Santa Fe Living Wage Network, and a long-time co-chair of the Network endorses Javier Gonzales for Santa Fe Mayor. His letter is below. Why I’m supporting Javier Gonzales for Mayor I’m supporting Javier Gonzales because I think he has the experience, the commitment to the people and Read more…

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